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      Affiliate Program Acceptable Use Policy

      Affiliates are expressly prohibited from engaging in the activities below. Failing to abide by this policy will result in termination of the Affiliate's Affiliate Agreement.

      1. Email

      Affiliates are expressly prohibited from sending spam, defined as unsolicited mass commercial email (UCE) that promotes their Affiliate business. All complaints will be investigated. Affiliates will be required to defend their actions.

      Affiliates found to be engaging in spam will be terminated immediately.

      A single warning may be issued if(all met)...

      • There is no evidence that the email was mass mailed
      • The affiliate made no attempt to disguise his/her identity by such means as falsifying their email address,
      • The email was uniquely written for the complainant.

      All three criteria must be present to receive a "one-time." A second such occurrence, whether from the same complainant or not, will result in termination.

      The complainant may be required to provide additional information to assist us with our investigation.

      2. Two-Way E-media (Newsgroups, Forums, Unmoderated Mailing Lists, Twitter-Facebook-Other-Social-Media)

      Affiliates are expressly prohibited from posting messages that promote their Affiliate business, to unrelated Two-Way E-media and to Two-Way E-media whose charters forbid commercial content. Posting to more than one newsgroup at the same time is expressly forbidden (even if they are related).

      Affiliates may post to Two-Way E-media which permit commercial content relating to Internet marketing.

      Affiliates may make no more than 6 posts per day per social platform across all of their accounts on the same platform (where commercial content is allowed). 

      NOTE: The affiliate is required to determine in advance which newsgroups or discussion forums are appropriate for their posts, and the policy regarding commercial posts.

      All complaints will be investigated and the Affiliate will be required to defend their actions. Affiliates found to be spamming Two-Way E-media will be terminated immediately. No warnings will be issued. The Complainant may be required to provide additional information to assist us with our investigation.

      This document may be updated at any time, and future versions render prior versions obsolete.

      What Happens if We Receive a Spam Complaint

      If we receive a complaint about unsolicited email from you, there are three possible outcomes...

      1) If the complainant erred and in fact the mail turns out to be solicited (ex. complainant had joined an opt-in list but forgot), we will not pursue any action.

      2) The "one-time" scenario...

      If you did send unsolicited email (all must be met)...


      • If you had some kind of repetitive, long-standing personal or business relationship with the complainant.
      • It was solely sent to ONE person or company...
      • It was an extraordinary marketing email
      • If you made no attempt to disguise your "Reply-to" email address...

      You get a "one-time warning."

      3) If you send any other kind of unsolicited email that does not fit ALL the criteria for the "single chance" scenario, or if you have used up your single chance, your Affiliate business will be terminated.

      Do your research.. Even if you accidentally spam, your Affiliate Business will still be terminated.

      Your Affiliate business will not be terminated without a proper investigation. We will ask the complainant for full details, and we will then ask you for an explanation.

      We must protect the integrity of our company and all other affiliates by terminating in the event of spam.

      What's the bottom line?...No spamming.