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      GoFit Dealer Information

      Thank you for your interest in becoming a GoFit Dealer. We appreciate your desire to promote and sell our products. We do like to focus our energies on partners who will be dedicated to protecting our reputation and desired pricing structure, who have a strong will to succeed in this market.

      If you are interested in becoming a Dealer for GoFit products and can answer YES to all of the following questions, please download the form below, complete and email to

      Please also read the Dealer Information Sheet to assure you can agree to all GoFit Dealer Terms. You may download the Credit Application as well if you would like to submit it with your Dealer Application.

      • Are you based in the United States?
      • Have you been selling in the Fitness Industry for at least one year?
      • Are your projected annual purchases above $2500?
      • Do you have a Brick and Mortar store or a stand alone ecommerce store?
      • Can you confirm you are NOT selling on or to Amazon or Ebay and will NOT do so in the future?
      • You will NOT require drop shipping (we are not offering at this time).


      • Dealers must purchase in case pack quantities to received dealer pricing
      • Dealers not approved for credit will be started on a pre-pay basis only.

      GoFit Dealer Program Information

      GoFit MAP Policy

      GoFit Dealer Program Inquiry

      Credit Application