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      Thank you for your interest in GoFit products. At this time, the GoFit online store is only designed to accept orders shipping within the United States.

      We have partnered with the following distributors or stores in the following countries to save GoFit buyers cost on shipping. Please feel free to contact these companies directly to acquire GoFit products. If you are unable to obtain the products from one of these companies, please contact Customer Service to see if further assistance can be provided.

      To receive support for items purchased outside the USA, you MUST contact the party you purchased it from within their return window. GoFit USA will not be able to support items sold outside of the Unites States.

      Canadian Wholesale Distributor

      Kloz Inc.

      Kloz Inc can assist you with any business regarding GoFit products sold in Canada, as well as assist you in becoming a dealer in Canada.

      Contact Info:

      2550 Goldenridge Rd.
      Unit #36
      Mississauga, ON

      Telephone: 1-888-756-7798

      Wholesale website:
      Consumer website: 

      For Consumer Purchases:

      National Sports

      Fitness Town

      Spartan Fitness



      Sales and Dealers Outside of the U.S. and Canada:

      Fitness First, Inc.

      Fitness First can apprise you of their fast moving GoFit providers. They will also help you if you are looking to become a GoFit Dealer in your country.

      Contact Info:
      Fitness First, Inc.
      Dan Binford
      4040 Gary Road
      Salt Lake City
      Utah, USA

      General Inquiries:


      Website: FitnessExports

      Telephone: +1 801 424 1110